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We are a flourishing transformation company for enterprises, cities, and leaders with awareness, education, assessment, measurement, advisory, and implementation services.

Through consulting and our online training and education platform, we help you and your organization transform towards sustainability and to flourishing. Become a future-fit business in this increasingly complex and interconnected world.

Why 'X' in FlourishX?

This represents the flourishing experience and transformation. It is the experience our stakeholders have with flourishing. It also represents how we combine flourishing with many concepts, such as flourishing with enterprises and flourishing with work in measurement and service design.

We want anyone we collaborate with to have a flourishing experience.

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Bill Craig
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Eric Fath-Kolmes, P.Eng., MBA

Bill  is a multi-disciplinary Senior Business Consultant, Business / Organization Design Architect/Designer, Not-for-Profit Board Chair and Association President (Canadian Positive Psychology Association), Global Human Rights Learning leader, Flourishing Enterprise / Positive Organization / Well-being leader, Program/Project Manager. Bill has 30 years of diverse experience in business and technology consulting, business architecture, enterprise and solution architecture, agile mentor, project management, requirements discipline lead, solution design, implementation, and business development, business intelligence, knowledge management and geographic information systems for complex domestic and international projects and initiatives.

Eric is a Canadian Professional Engineer and MBA now living and working in Europe. Eric has over 10 years of experience in several different industries, having previously run a startup software development and TV production company and having worked for many years in road construction, from estimating to field work.

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