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Flourishing Design and Transformation

       Enterprises | Cities | Leaders

Helping build Flourishing Enterprises, Flourishing Cities and Flourishing Leaders

How can you make a positive impact in your community, organization, city, region, and the world?


Helping enterprises address current and future  local, regional and global challenges /  opportunities  with enhanced management, sustainability, and positive organization practices through a flourishing lens


Assisting governments in program and service design, implementation,  and measurement to align with the complex needs of sustainability and flourishing to better support city, community and citizen well-being.


Working with leaders to develop the necessary competencies and capabilities for navigating the pathways and realizing the benefits of sustainability and flourishing.


Helping Individuals to flourish and improve happiness, quality of life and well-being for themselves and others.


We are a flourishing enterprise transformation company for enterprises, cities, and leaders with awareness, education, assessment, measurement, advisory, and implementation services.

Through our research, advisory, consulting and our online training and education platform, we help you and your organization transform towards sustainability and to flourishing. Become a future-fit business in this increasingly complex and interconnected world.


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North American Office:

Edmonton, Canada

European Office:

Herestraat 106, 9711 LM

Groningen, The Netherlands 

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